BASE Carriers hopes to grow the integrity of the logistics industry by offering our clients a broad range of services.


Guarantee Capacity and Significantly Reduce Your Shipping Costs

As a Truckload Carrier we understand the urgency and need for shipments to arrive safely and securely ontime. BASE Carriers provides a comprehensive service for shipping with our fleet of tractor trailers and have the resources you need.

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Partner With BASE For All Your Shipping Needs

The key to successful logistics is partnering with a truckload company to ensure the reliability, promptness, and safety of deliveries. At BASE we prioritize safety while working around the clock to ensure reliability and timeliness is upheld with every load.

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Fleet of Refridgerated Trailer Units Readily Available

Our fleet of refrigerated trailers is maintained and monitored by humidity and temperature sensors to ensure your load is at the required temperature.

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Fleet of Trucks Dedicated To Port Servicing

BASE can provide you or your customer with unloading and loading of drayage or reefer containers. We provide our service to the Port of Wilmington with our yard conveniently located just minutes away.

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